Sunday, February 20, 2005

legend of the elk band

Puppy vs. Dyslexia is a mangled mess that is fully sensible at the core, like the painting here by drummer Jeremy Kennedy. The painting is the equivalent of Puppy music: hovering pie-holes that are either gagging or smiling; a prancing wolfy; and phone calls that track you down; plus smears of paranoia. Jeremy asked me to write the one-sheet for, The Legend of the Elk Band 1996-1999, their new album of old songs, though still undiscovered to those outside of the Southern Indiana radius. It should be in stores sometime in the spring or now via Jeremy's own FMSMPRC label.

Presto! Here we have the dream-time years of Puppy vs. Dyslexia, brought forth from beneath their molten-bomb of total fruit, fruition and foam. In 2005 Puppy is moving forth, quartet-style, after five years in Bloomington, IN, eeking out rhythm field and baseball mantra. But sink back nine years and it was just two in the resident rathskeller of Owensboro, KY: Jeremy and Zak.

The Legend of the Elk Band 1996-1999 pieces fusty tapes of pot marked seedlings, folio imprints and live shots, 25 in all, that would eventual morph into ululations of societal mirroring on Let's Foam, their 2001 FMSMPRC debut. But heard without the knowledge of future, The Legend turns into a living album, totally absence of pastiche, that is thick with fidelity-less Midwestern lore and imaginative due of counter-country drugs. Puppy emits singular visions per song with vocals stacked on guitar/ drums/ bass/ noise, as if they were a much younger Sun City Girls with an ethnographic search limited to the 2.3 square miles outside their front door.

Particular glimmers are the wavering tone suspension of "Final Worning," dully adjusted by the garbled mouth verses; possibly the first stabs at pop biscuits "Blackout Gonorrhea Madness," "Old Man with an Electric Toolbelt" and "Orgy on the Radio." Other spits ("NASC" and "Evergreen") are frothing basement-inverses of (Michael Hurley's) Snock folk.

The Legend of the Elk Band is an audio log misanthrope life looking out while keeping inside; park walking; pulling the tales with The Ssion; and setting up for the expansive that Puppy would become in the next milleniu. Here we are with frozen-time that continues to flow free.

Puppy vs. Dyslexia - Evergreen
Puppy vs. Dyslexia - Orgy on the Radio
Puppy vs. Dyslexia - Old Man with an Electric Toolbelt


At 7:45 PM, Blogger DYSLEXIA said...

i love puppy vs. dyslexia. could you send me a few more mp3s, maybe?


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