Sunday, February 06, 2005

so, a drummer walks into a bar

Post-move unpacking has revealed too-many unheard recordings aquired during the previous eight months. What was I thinking? But gems that I never imagined have been languishing away and now they are as good as new. Here is the primo crop, Installment I:

Besides being a swell Easthampton fella who has hooked-me-up shows at Flywheel, Matt Weston can beat silly some skins. I know he loves The Who and Sun Ra but there are no remnant strands of either on Bloomington 2003, a ltd 3" CDR (every cover is different, all 100 of 'em) recorded one October eve at the usually astute Indiana University Memorial Union Gallery. I was out of town for this, but praise be, in the present it is like I wasn't. Outside his kit, Matt has various electronics that get half the disk time here. Raw oscillations, wooly and wonderfully reckless alternate to meditative metal etchings. 3" CDs always offer the safety of a 21-minute cut off, though Matt could go on for 'nother double nickle here and I'd still be smiling. The solo percussion tracks are brief yet amply testify his right-on extension techniques (gnarled bowing and multi-directional sub rhythms) and a curve of development that bridge these four pieces as a whole; a sorta concrete cohesion. This release is currently Matt's only solo work outside of his debut Vacuums (Sachimay) from a few yrs back. (He did do an odd session piece for Smog which is worth the story alone.) Outside the solo realm, Matt kicks it with the superb Barn Owl (along with scuzz-tarist Chris Copper who also gets jaws droppin in Fat Worm of Error -- but that is all for another day). Matt says he is finishing up his next and last solo percussion/electronics album! Read more at his Tarfumes blog and check out live dates for the Boston/NYC area. Until then:

Matt Weston - Live in Bloomington pt. 2
Matt Weston - Live in Bloomington pt. 4


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