Wednesday, March 23, 2005

better than turquoise

Last week's pkg from On/On Switch pals brought a flaming new 7" by Indian Jewelry, the first single in months to get my blood flowin. Even more enticing is the web of action these folks - Erika Thrasher (synth, vox, guitar) Rodney Rodriguez (percussion) and Sympathetic Arms (vox & ephemera) - seem to have strewn between L.A. and Houston. Under the banner of Swarm of Angels/Girl Gang they've been touring/ recording/ n' creeping on all formats with other souls as Corpses of Waco, Turquoise Diamonds, The Perpetual War Party Band, NTX + Electric, NTX + Erika Thrasher, and Indian Jewelry.

The single, In Love With Loving, is three songs that stretch across time-lag guitar and sluggish surges of 60s Ludlow. There is major Spacemen 3 drag and a grooving lolly haze that whiff's of lysergic intentions deep within. Need more be said? The songs' innards are skewered with bits of an electro-past and classic song shine that seemed to be fully alive in the NTX + Erika Thrasher releases. Here though, its been subdued with wavering heaviness that is offset with acoustic strum, Suicide-synth jolt, and unrelenting pounding. For "In Love With Loving" Thrasher's vocals and guitar hang on the canyon-like drums that are really just massive black holes that nearly swallow the three up. While spinning this, I keep dreaming of Huggy Bear, and while stylistically they are far from this reservation, the revolutionary call-for-blood aesthetics seems to be parallel. The b-side is where the dividends are: "Lost My Sight" is secured in the outer reaches of Texas-style trance; definitely in the lineage of Psychic...Powerless...Another Mans Sac. And that is good company to be calling back. A lock-groove ending would've kept this right on pace for eternity.

Just from these three, I'm guessing Indian Jewelry can overcome all obstacles and summon obliteration tactics from many deceased revellers in their live sets. And so happens they are on tour now and hitting coast-to coast until April 23. I'll be there.

Still no vinyl transfers, so take a dowload to some older songs and order the platter for 5 clams here.

Indian Jewelry - Dead Eyes
Indian Jewelry - Lesser Snake
Indian Jewelry - Going South


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