Monday, March 14, 2005

duos for life

Meditations on the Ascension of Blind Joe Death, Vol. One is the long talked about, Christina Carter and Loren Mazzacane Connors' tribute LP to John Fahey. After mastering issues and faulty test pressings and whoknowswhatelse, it has been finally tumbled out of the rumor mill and sprung forth by curator's Ecstatic Peace & Father Yod. While a live duo with have been utterly wondrous, what we have is 4-track collab (a first for Loren in his long duo-past), exectued via USPS, of Loren's ghost blues and CC's haunted house piano. As a match up, it is hot in the cross-hairs of perfect. While these two have dualed guitars before, there is a bright sense of newness and exploration with the piano/guitar.

The A-side is seven pieces, all named "Smoke" and is heavy on suspension and space. Christina is mostly up front here with her late-night style that made Bastard Wing sink into my conscience forever. Each key is solidly pressed. Loren opts out of his melodic airs-style and digs with his lone-banshee notes that subtly scream out.

A lushness washes for the flip's six-part "Mirrors"-set. At times, Loren leads in an almost Rooms-era blues and Chrstina's full flourishes speak quite an acreage of emotional depth of celebrating the departed. The "Mirrors" pieces defiently point out the fact that future, real-time, duos are a must.Meditations on the Ascension is right-on. It is even complete with Conrad Capistran's replicic Tom Weller-style cover-art and a moving plume by Byron Coley. This LP is the first in a series of Fahey tributes, though not aware of what is next.

Word about is that Table of the Elements will be issuing a piece of Loren-Fahey guitar tangle as part of an in-the-works dbl Connor's CD. The two did a Brooklyn studio session together, though not sure if this recording will be culled from there.

Christina Carter and Gown are on tour right now, check their dates for your woods.

Until I can learn AAA to AAD alchemy, here are sounds from other releases:

Christina Carter - Silhouette from Living Contact reissue (Kranky)
Christina Carter feat Gown - Return from New Skin for the Old Ceremony: Polyamory Ninth Anniversary Compilation cdr
Loren Connors - Departing of a Dream Vol. II, pt 2 from Departing of a Dream Vol. II
Loren Connors feat. Suzanne Langille - Why We Came Together from Yakuza Magazine CD compilation, 1998


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