Tuesday, March 29, 2005

greater than the trees

Much time recently has been spent inside Ruskeatimantti, a collection of Finnish ensemble Avarus' first four CDRs and 7”. All were issued on various Fin-imprints, like the superb Lal Lal Lal. The equally fine Tumult has assembled this mass of crowns which will bestow continued pleasure to those who enjoy forest grooves and clattering skree. Yeah, lots of folks out there take on that vibe, and a few do it rightly, but Avarus feels it enough that their natural orders supercedes the digital disk and molds up yr speakers with its relishing primal calls. It's as if Avarus' seven, or eight, or nine members were erupting from the castle’s belly to welcoming the distant land’s princess.

So, since laying ears to it a few weeks back my eye lids have been fluttering non-stop. While I had snapped up a two of these issues on the CDr format, having them all side-by-side gives a horizontal growth-arc of Avarus, and they seem to be headin' higher with each moment. And that next level may be found on Jattilaisrotta their brand newbie on Secret Eye, which I have yet to hear.

For more blather, my Ruskeatimantti review is now up at Dusted.

Avarus - Horuksen Oikean Silman Mysteerikoulu
Avarus - Sataa Nuuskaa


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