Tuesday, March 15, 2005

rrright on!

Ah man, Emil Beaulieau. I thought I knew him, but geography and faulty plans have always kept me from really getting up close and taking a whiff. Years of on/off mailorder, catalog perusal, literally fucked records and recycled cassettes still didn't prep me up for the live meeting. Again, another fine evening at Chapel Hill's Nightlight, back on March 6. For those who don't know, Mr. Beaulieau is actually Ron Lessard or better known as America's Greatest Living Noise Artist and the operator of RRR Records, the critical mailorder/ store/ label based in Lowell, MA: 20+ years deep in releasing records & objects (like Billboard Combat's Metastasis LP that was embedded with glass and metal; Due Process' blank LP Do Nothing and not to mention RRR 500, an LP with 500 lock grooves, among a dizzying amount of others), documenting and providing an outlet for wide-eye devourer of the sonic arts.

Live, Emil is a fireball-dance of operation, jolting the instruments (turntables, LPs, pedals, contact mic inside a tuna can, etc.), laughing at his own summoning of the quaking collages, torrents of aural twitches all wet-mouthed with zeal and pure life. Totally inspiring. Check out the below samples and gaze at the photos here (my first digital shots) or take a trip via the fine folks at Brainwashed (Sean Graham and Jon Whitney) and watch their 35 Minute Quicktime mini-documentary.

Emil was/is touring with other New Englander's Sickness and Karlhienz, which I'll expound on more later when I dig into New England, the 5 LP RRR 20 aniversary set, with those guys and 8 others. Local Jason Crumer opened the show and forged a spectal dynamic barrage of rainbow tones that I'm aching to hear more of.

Emil Beaulieau - Baby, What Are You Doing After The Show?
Emil Beaulieau - Rock N Roll get yr Led out!
Emil Beaulieau - My Funny Valentine


At 7:31 AM, Blogger Jason said...

You would love the Carbon Records label. Some great noise going on here in Rochester, NY


Emil was in Rochester in Feb. Missed the show though.


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