Saturday, March 05, 2005

school's out

Out of nowhere, and blurring my nightly vision, comes the Graduation LP (Audio Dispatch), a splatter document of Nels Cline, Chris Corsano and Carlos Giffoni's debut path-crossing from May 2003. HOT DAMN it'is. Not sure the background on these three getting together, be it planned or chance, but hopefully it will not be the last. Giffoni's spaghetti spewn electrodes are shooting all over, streaking and gobin in all the right spots; his aim is true. For those tuned in with his Monotract, the tension here is definitely more honed in, focused to the orbiting actions. Mr. Cline, whose guitar outings --- from 1979 to solo to Gregg Bendian duo to Nels Cline Singers to Wilco -- make him one of our times' major contributors to the six-string legacy. When the book is written, a chapter and fwd should scream his name. Anyhow. Here, Nels opens a shimmering freedom of string and fret, at points it seems he may spiral out and blow the amp along the way, but he brings it back. Corsano nails Cline and Giffoni together when the switch flips his mutli-handed rhythm rainbow that alternates between hardcore nosh-down to continual snare, symbol and thump expansions. There is some meditation mid-way through but it gives way again to 10-or-so-minutes of pure escapism, of the mind-melting variety. The flip is a "custom" mix by Giffoni, which doesn't quite require repeated spins, but better than a one-sided platter. The performance was recorded at the fine non-prof Brooklyn radio station Free103point9 (in the borough and on-line), and released by it as well. Profits from the LP benefit the station.

On the mp3 front, still not getting the vinyl crunched into 010101011s, so here are some tips into the three's other jaunts:
Carlos Giffoni - tracks 64 thru 74 compressed from Raw Files cd-r
[Corsano] Vampire Belt - The Magic of Jojo
Nels Cline - After Armenia


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