Tuesday, March 01, 2005

welcome to the new machine

Dead Machines is the duo of Tovah O'Rourke and John Olson, each operating in other capacities such as Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice and Wolf Eyes respectively; not to mention their long-standing, decade plus years running the American Tapes label. Dead Machines is owned equally by the other as O'Rourke and Olson meld into one soulful atrophy of collapse. Human Brain Wasting Syndrome (Ecstatic Peace) is their new platter whose title matches the decay found in the ebb on these 10, 11 (or is it 12?) pieces. Across both sides there is tightly wound gnarled sound sphere of infinitesimal echo clusters that give you enough spacial room to slip inside each track, but the tangles within are enough to tie you up for weeks. There is definite architecture happening here, though the flow could easily be paced by freely working impulses as well. Immediate minds will click back to early Throbbing Gristle upon initial hearing but the mechanical spring and wobble is more present in the Dead twins' work than the UK foreparents. A spinning oil drum beat kicks in towards the A-side end that signals some electric cries and muffs equal to haunted, afternoon Robo-trips. The equally damaged flipside ends with submarine tones bouncing off the third reef of thy inner mind. To top this all off, the record is slipped inside two sheets of packing cardboard dressed with two color copies of skull & worm artlay that evokes some prime Pushead material; all wrapped up in a plastic slip. This is surely the hot creem of like-minded friends and others out in the cassette and CDr underworld. Human Brain is a fine point to start on your adventure if your still got dry toes.

mp3 coming someday?


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