Sunday, April 24, 2005


Reading that Sanso-xtro's debut sentimentalist "project[s] hazy echoes of Robert Johnson" in the accompanying Type Records promo material was inticing: fractured delta Delta blues from Australian-expat Melissa Agate via lap-top modulation. I was ready. While the disk was stuck in my work pc for a day last week, it fit the Carolina 72-and-breezey, branch rustling mid-day mood. But there was no Mississippi ghost. S/x, along with lotsa other contemporaries, are tumbling and seeking to extort personalities and real instruments into their laptop world. Agate's minced smothering of ukulele/kalimba is quite pulpy and organic, far from plank-water bore of pure-old laptop noodles. Within my recent listening cache sentimentalist falls musically between Minamo's Shining and Giuseppe Ielasi's Gesine, the former mostly electronic and later acoustic. (Both will be heaved major nods later this week). Though where S/x rises is blending her multi-sound worlds together and side-stepping denseness into a more laxidasical, slumbering scope. Thinking of those aforementioned branches is the best for understand what we have here; the leaves are filtering and fluttering the light while a few wise-ass squirrels are leaping limb-to-limb, breaking twigs along the way. Add in a bass-car passing around a dirt-road corner and sentimentalist begins to seep in, even if you're still waiting for Mr. Johnson.

Sanso-xtro - Blue Signal
Sanso-xtro - The Last Leaf


At 1:12 PM, Anonymous angryrobot said...

Type is shaping up to be one of my favorite electronic labels. I haven't been disappointd with any of their releases yet.

I've had the new Minamo sitting around for weeks without getting around to listening to it. I'll have to try and do that before you post a review. Have you heard the Four Color CD on 12k? Good stuff.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger eric said...

Have not heard Four Color and this was my first venture into Type the label, which I'd like to hear more of their stable for sure. The new Minamo is their best since .kgs.

Thanks for reading/commentin'

At 1:27 PM, Blogger peelitback said...

Hey, right on! Had not heard her stuff before or of Type. Thanks for posting.


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