Saturday, May 14, 2005

everyday is like sunday

Everyone knows Jandek; knows the story; knows everything and nothing. But after near 30 years of personal seclusion, after releasing 40 anonymous records, I think the most bizarre aspect of The Jandek Saga was walking into my Bloomington, Indiana neighborhood record/coffee shop/hangout and being handed a CDR of live Jandek, recorded less than 48 hrs earlier. "Ahh, the interweb...," as my friends and I joke. So, before the weekend was over, the Oct. 17, 2004 weekend when Jandek took stage at Glasgow's Instal.04 fest with percussionist Alex Neilson and guitarist Richard Youngs, anyone could hear what everyone thought would never happen. (Photo here is by Heather Leigh X of Taurpis Tula & Volcanic Tongue.)

Glasgow Sunday is now out, recorded by a Corwood represntative, as is persumed, as Corwood 0779 CD, the 41st Jandek album. And later this month, Janky will be doin it again. No word of the back up band, but Youngs and Neilson were slosshy and prog at once, perfect matches. The metalic web Jandek casts through simple bent blues lines and bangin the guitar's body, resonates as truly in the flesh as the albums. The voice unmistakable, booming yet is still hollow, ghostly transparent.

It's been so long baby / I don't know where I've got it

Jandek live
May 22 Music Lovers' Field Companion Festival Gateshead, England
May 23 Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, Scotland

Jandek - Blue Blue World
Jandek - Don't Want To Be (from interweb bootleg of performance)
Jandek - Naked in the Afternoon (1978)
Richard Youngs - Sky is Upon You


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Spin Buldak said...

Just found your blog a few days ago. Think I might've be referred here by Tofu Hut, but I can't remember.

Anyway, great, adventurous stuff.

Thanks, in particular for posting Jandek. I've heard about him forever, but never actually heard him before. I dig the howling and the random jangling guitar.

Malauwi track was neat, too.


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