Friday, May 06, 2005

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I've felt repelled by the name Scanner in such a strong, irrational way, that I've stayed the hell away from any of Robin Rimbaud's work for the past 10 years. Even The Crystalline Address, the duo with Kim Cascone and his solo Warhol's Surfaces disk. I just acted as if they didn't exist. So yeah, now, after about six weeks sitting on the shelf, I finally listen to Play Along his collab-a-sorts with composer Jean-Paul Dessey whose conducting a two viola, two cello chamber. It is quite a muted bliss, mid-day zone which I've fallen into twice this week. A surprise for sure.

Scanner's low-end weight keeps the overt classical strings from taking too strong a hold here. A few points he seems to filter in distant choral samples which acts as more of tape-over bleed through. Unfort. the sound is too clean, a little more muddled, analogue saturation, and it would be right-on. Though out of the three pieces -- the title is the collab -- Scanner and Dessy each do solo electronic takes, and Dessy's "Whaling Wolves" shines as bright as Scanner's "Out of the Trench..." Hopefully we hear more.

Scanner - Out of the Trench and Wading Backwards
Scanner - Throbbing Gristle remix from


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Robin Rimbaud said...

An irrational feeling possibly, but nice to find this mention here of this little project with Jean Paul Dessy over in Brussels. It's a live recording so excuse the noises :-)

I'm not that corrupt, evil, bad, nasty, arrogant, or whatever it was that made you steer clear :-D, so hope this new discovery might entice you backwards...

Incidentally visit the British Council website over in Brussels ( and you download a complete fun project, and also request a free CD which could be fun for you. Might even make a nice place mat for a cup of tea beside the computer if you don't like it.

Thanks for the mention though.

Robin Rimbaud

At 3:12 PM, Blogger eric said...

What a quick response. Honestly say, I felt a bit guilty listening to Play Along because I enjoyed it much. I have a few of the Sub Rosa comps you are on and dug those briefly, but have no actual reason for staying away of a proper album other than the name rubbed me wrong; wrong enough that it shut you out. With so much music out there a justified feeling like that seemed right to cut some corners on new avenues. A lesson learned.

So I will surely be going after The Crystalline Address, Warhol's Surfaces and then who knows from there. I'll check out the BC download as well.

Thanks for responding. Hope you come back again.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Robin Rimbaud said...

Hi Eric

Guilty pleasures? I know this feeling - should I enjoy listening to some of the music I own or find or download? Important thing is that you find pleasure in these things and life in general.

Funny how a name can rub you up the wrong way - I've had the same with artists over the years too. Nevermind, we all find things in the end to offer pleasure....

Anyhow, really enjoyed your blog and will return for certain ;-)

Meanwhile, if you wondered how ridiculous I might look playing guitar, check out,, my band Githead with Colin Newman of Wire. Very silly and fun. An excuse to strike a few poses beyond the computer!!


At 11:33 PM, Blogger erik said...

On hold for Guilty pleasures...
I am currently out of the office. I will be back Wednesday 12 May 2005. The British Council will be closed on 5 and 6 May 2005. If you require further assistance, please contact my colleague, Alice Carey, or 02 227 854. I can be contacted on my mobile +32 (0)479 38 31 46.

Many thanks,


Roland Gulliver
Arts Manager, British Council Brussels


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