Friday, June 03, 2005

can't can do

Keeping on the Boston-centric tip: Jessica Rylan aka Can't. Home built-synths and snaggled, bubbled voice-a-tales creeping from behind the furnace, deep in the cob-web cellar. Rylan came through town a few months back and the reverberations are still in the air with the audience folk. Since, as well, her output's increased two fold. But let's back it up. First to my ears was the New Secret picture LP on RRR from February. Sputtering static inter-chopped with Rylan's lullaby voice. Some devil work for sure, spiraling from within the crossing frequencies. Wind-swept specks that wrangle with crunched, wavering oscillations and sine wave squabbles. Ryaln uses a number of small, self-built synths. Live, and as I'm guessing on record, her vocals go directly through one and seem to override the circuits and ricochet crumbling beats n' tears across them. There is a uneasy rawness to the LP but a few layers down her tales return it to almost torch songs or the vocals vibe from Krzysztof Komeda's Rosemary's Baby score. Is that a stretch? Maybe so. Her sound work is juttering, abrupt cracked electronics yet feel pretty damn genuine and brandishing new ground. (photo here by Bill T Miller)

Of previous Can't CDs, Prepares to Fail Again is more based on solo syth work while vs the World are "remixes" from the world... Rylan has a number of cassettes out and on the way and nicely mangled duo with Donna Parker, called Secret Diary. Load is releasing a album of Vampire Can't, which is the combo of Rylan and Vampire Belt, the drum/ bass/ guitar/ patch cord /vocal matrix of Bill Nace and Chris Corsano, whose two CDRs will hopefully become more available for those on the skirts to hear.

Can't - We Are The World
Can't - Wishing Well


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