Thursday, June 02, 2005

major burn, major stars

Thanks to Heath for keeping the JFAD seat warm while I was away tending to a soul-crushing computer crash. It is good to be back...

As an outsider looking in, there seems a fine gush of smokin Boston release of recent. While tending to my melted hard drive I've had Greg Kelley's new solo disc (and CDR), a coupla live Heathen Shame CDRs, Damon & Naomi LP (finally arriving), and Jessica Rylan's Can't picture LP to get me through. Though the Major Stars 4 has been most helpful in letting the massive data loss slide off my back like melted skin. Much anticipated since their live split with Comets on Fire a year back. 4 is pretty close to that method, as it was laid to tape in July '03 and shares the massive, interstellar summoning that is "Phantom #1." Upfront, this may be the finest record shot from the Twisted Village axis. The fever dreams/levitation Magic Hour brought is now in the Stars. The recording quality is glimmering & fab with alternating guitar solos from Wayne/Kate, and some ageless songwriting ("All or Half the Time") which Mr. Rogers' vocals match, natch. It's a clear-cut mind-burner which should entice my downstairs neighbors to come good on their promise of pipe passing. The opener, "How To Be" should've been featured on this week's NPR spot about upcoming summer jams: four and half minutes that seemes combined from scratches of Cream, Dinosaur and Crystalized Movements. At the break, a few seconds of time is purely suspended before a right on torrential mangled rainbow of eye-crossing and dual blistering six strings -- that oughta be screaming out of every van window, corner BBQ and basement smoke shack for at least these summer months -- rains down until the back breaks.

Major Stars - How To Be


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