Monday, June 27, 2005

revolution redux

Heath has been going on about Measles Mumps Rubella during some of our talk-abouts of Wilderness and the flux of folks mining the three decent (combined) LPs by PiL and Gang of Four these days. And I agree, MMB is the cat's knees. And Metal Box is still an oxidizing thrill so no need to venture into the forest.

Another reason to stay outta the woods and put off dealing with today's other youth is the recent reissue of The Beakers' The Four Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution (K Records). This Seattle, WA four piece lasted from January 1980 to January 1981, made up of George Romansic (drums), Mark H. Smith (guitar/vox), Jim Anderson (sax/vox), and Frankie Sundsten (bass). Take a listen, and hot damn is what you will say. The Beakers released one 7" and songs on two NW comps. They even opened for Delta 5 and Gang of Four in 1980. The majority of the 17 songs on Four Steps are unreleased.

"Red Towel" sounds like it was ripped from the hoped up souls of The Dancing Cigarettes -- both groups existed the same time, though Cigs had an extra year on both sides. Singer Mark H. Smith even sounds exactly like the Cigs' Michael Gitlin, crossed with a little Dave Thomas and Mayo Thompson. But The Beakers side-step the Dada talk and organ grooves for two chord, staggered neon punk. All their 3-minute-or-less blasts have the jolt of X-Ray Spex and Contortions: desperation and ragged furry. Anderson's skronks peg him at about five months of practice but spilling with buckets of soul. Spread the word.

The Beakers - Red Towel
The Beakers - I'm Crawling
The Beakers - Four Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution


At 11:16 AM, Blogger heath said...

what eric doesnt realise is that I blogged about the beakers, as well as the blackouts (who were reissued on the same label the same day) back in december...

but I pulled my mp3s down long ago so please enjoy these tracks again! I love em...

At 12:11 PM, Blogger bidi said...

woah, you're totally on point about the beakers-dancing cigarettes vocals. never noticed that before.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger eric said...

Ah man, really Heath? I told you I never read this before I jumped on. And I was serious!

The similarities between Beakers and Cigs are so close. Wonder if they ever met up on tour? Though I think the Cigs stayed Midwest/East coast..


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