Friday, July 22, 2005

dark was the night

Not much left to say about Keiji Haino. Certainly a dark knight over the modern era who has a finely attuned appreciation for album titles (Execration That Accept To Acknowledge or Tangled Up in the Universe, My Pain even Saying I Love You, I Continue to Curse Myself) and the ability to shape shift his black aura from solo meditative mists to howling of Fushitsusha or Vajra. With an empty fridge, impending rent or naked babies, some may balk at jumping into his forested discography. Does one really need The Book of "Eternity Set Aflame"? Hell yes, and along with the solo acoustic/voice disks Affection and Nijiumu and Fushitsusha's Origin's Hesitation. The Loren MazzaCane Connors duo LP (Menlo Park) is another to hone in on, especially the A-side, pre-show sound check.

Haino's recent is Black Blues, a six song set issued on DSA in electric (54088) and acoustic (54087) versions. The albums don't say which is which, and look the same, save for the reverse image of Haino with cane in hand and the aforelisted catalog numbers. Either way, each is essential and the songs differ in massive swaths of time and structure, not just un/plugged/in. Only strains remain the same in each of the songs. Haino's level of violent thrashing and bed side whispers is outta sight on the respected albums. At times, the electric songs raft out into boogies, near dance grooves, of slicing guitar which is diced in high-end sheen from an overdriven amp. The actual pick/string sound is clear as if Haino was right there. The utterly fragile blues state of the acoustic set is a combo of MazzaCane's transparent lines and Taku Sugimoto's sound void. Blissfully elegant yet wrecthing at once.

Keiji Haino - I Don't Want to Know (electric)
Keiji Haino - I Don't Want to Know (acoustic)


At 11:05 AM, Blogger heath said...

for some reason all I can think when listening to this is some crazy busker attempting to cover radiohead's creep. they certainly share some notes.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger eric said...

Huh? I haven't heard that song for years. Hmm.... Time to flip off the wfmu feed for some modern rawk radio.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey thanks for comment on blueskies..i was trawling thru tonight and came across it. I will indeed check out jimmy martin dvd. the guy was a stuff your posting and check most days...


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