Friday, July 01, 2005

midwest drunk

Drekka is Mkl Anderson, full-time operator of the darkly exquisite BlueSanct label house and singer of the, I believe, recently departed Turn Pale. Drekka means drunk in Icelandic. Mkl lives in Bloomington, IN and takes his tea with leaves. For all you need to know, check out a new interview with Drekka by Brad Rose in Foxy Digitalis. Here is a review I wrote for Signal To Noise, current edition, on Drekka's just issued Extractioning, his second full-length. (Photo here taken by Riley Manion.)

Michael Anderson’s solo persona Drekka has been kicking around for ten years; toiling in the margins on various format releases and globetrotting tours. Mining elemental strands of Movietone to Current 93 and submerging them in Midwestern isolation murk, a peculiar originality flutters to the surface. As follow up to 2002’s claustrophobic sound sphere Take Care To Fall, Anderson looks back on two 1998 cassettes fusing them as album proper. Extractioning is statement of Drekka’s unchanged songwriting stasis during years of trend shifting; his degenerating, dark-folk vibe meshing any area. Leaning toward heavy ambience and noise abstraction then secluding one instrument (organ, guitar, voice) for melodic uplift, however downcast he remains, is the basis for the 11 pieces here. Though the clanging NZ pop strum/beat of “Love Without Sound” wakens Tall Dwarfs territory, the rest hovers on brittle song linings, as the near a capella “Possibilities” operates on a distant crackling bed and building acoustic chords of “Posterity is Futile” proffer light shape. Lyrically, Anderson is far from bloviate, offering wispy verse, reworked scripture (“Psalm 99”) or bowing to Donovan and a straight Cat Power cover, a surprise proclamation when others are trolling for mysterious past folkies.

Drekka - Love Without Sound
Drekka - Secret Without


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Drekka is actually the icelandic verb for drinking.


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