Thursday, August 25, 2005


Another fallen master again this week, Luc Ferrari, electro-acoustic composer, has passed. Ferrari, 76, died of pneumonia on Monday 08/2205, in Arezzo, Italy. Full details, in French, at Le Monde.

For those unaware: Luc Ferrari is one of the most important and original personalities in the history of French "musique concrete." Irreverent, psychosexual and always fascinating, Ferrari's work manifests itself in texts, instrumental textures, electroacoustic compositions, reportings, films, theater, etc. (Tzadik)

Great, lively interview from 1998 with Dan Warburton at Paris Transatlantic.

Listening to Ferrari is the equal to strolling through a reverbarting village -- just not on your own two feet. Ferrari sweeps you up in his arms of magnetic tape and moves ahead, with a stop here for wine and over there to gaze at the ladies. Eveything speaks to you, not just the voices. Dirt comes alive, rotting melons appear, the clouds dangle at the corner of your ear. Constantly and forever fascinatiing and utterly contemporary.

Luc Ferrari - Place Des Abbesses (1977)
featuring Chris Brown, piano, and William Winant percussion


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