Monday, August 22, 2005

moog grace

Bob Moog passed away yesterday from complications of a cancerous tumor, a glioblastoma multiforme, that appeared earlier this year and spread to his brain. He was 71.

If you didn't take a listen to the Mick Jagger piece posted yesterday, do it. I seem to remember Jagger got the Moog from Mr. Moog himself.

You know what Moog did, so no reason to repost here. Though if Heath and I were to write out a memory, it would be the same: Bob Moog, relaxed and giddy while playing records and the Theremin at the combined elementary/jr/high school in Lyons, Indiana, May 9, 2000.

I received a letter one day in June 2000, while working at the weekly paper, from the Lyons Art Council like I did every week. Though instead of a water color painting display or basket demonstration, it was to say Bob Moog was going to be in town performing with the Jr. high school band and giving a talk during his week stay in May. A lot of folks from other Indiana parts descend on the little south western cove as word spread that, yes, it was really Bog Moog. There was an awful thunder storm that night and the hour drive was rough. The audience was part record collectors, Lyons locals and the ladies of the art council, one wearing an oxygen mask. Moog talked a lot of the history and more of the musicians role in the Moog than his. The night ended with a stunning, spot-on Theremin version of "Amazing Grace." We all had chills by the end.

I'd write more, but our good friend Jonathan Richardson already detailed this fine night when it happened at, the now defunct, Adventures In Sound. Read it here.

Now for a few moments of rememberence and appreciation, I present to you Stereolab and their exquisite track, Moogie Wonderland from 1994. Its the b-side to their Ping Pong 7inch on Duophonic. Enjoy. Oh, and also I faded out the ending lockgroove or our mp3 would never end heh. - heath

Stereolab - Moogie Wonderland


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