Friday, August 19, 2005

poppy opera

Fursaxa's "Aegean Lore," the side-long contribution to From These Roots, You Shall Know the Fruits was Tara Burke's finest 20-odd minutes thus far. On a harmonium bed Burke strumed up decades of village wandering that could've been captured last week or a few hundred years ago. Weaved with shakers, multi-vocal beams and the words smeared towards nothingness, she played until the LP ended. Lepidoptera picks up from there and All Tomorrow's Party hands it to you. Not extremely elusive though the Fursax-ography is built on out-of-print LP and non-record-mart CDRs. Now just walk down the street, get a soda pop, and pick up Fursaxa at yr neighborhood dealer.

Walk through a museum, stand at on of those 8' x 18' Renaissance paintings and smell the paint and you will get a hint at why this is the loveliest aural escapism in a spell. Not sure where the third eyes wonders while listening/breathing, but it leaves for a swim in the accordion drones and dreamscape voices. The heavy Nico mist, though with a higher humidity, that hangs over Lepidoptera is cloud space for Burke's acoustic strum and pickering glimpses of waltzes and repeating millefleur patters to float freely. Looped vocals turn to gauze and wrap around crows feet. Burke's voice is lone choir or charging chants, fluxing from song to song, taking on each mode effortlessly yet in command of its breeze. A hell of a mighty gust.

Fursaxa - Moonlight Sonata
Fursaxa - Poppy Opera


At 6:54 PM, Blogger 4ears said...

Wow, really nice tracks. I'd never heard of her B4. Checking out the website now.

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Jimmi said...

Fursaxa (Tara Bourke) is a window to another time that exists in all out minds.
Such beautiful music.

At 11:17 PM, Blogger erik said...

2nd track sounds the the swans world of skin thingamig .


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