Monday, August 15, 2005

put it on

Again.... Washed away by Heath's non-stop posts as I am bogged down in the day job swamp of SACS accreditation. Today was sure to be another non-sunshine plow until I revisited The Rich Lives of Trees CDR by Gown. Had it slipped to me by Mr. Gown, on his ride through with Christina Carter, along with a copy of his past group Amarillo Stars. A sure US Saucer vibe was on the Stars disc and it left a dent. Though solo is his zone. Live with CC there wasn't room for either to take it in their own direction yet they amassed a mighty stick/moss dam together.

On this three song EP those waters are free. Multi-tracked guitar, nary a gallop, that equals colors blown from a saturated barn brush; the wind lifting off paint specks and vapors. "Bird Wings on the Water" as a title is almost enough to take you there. Overlaying the strings is never in excess, and you'd expect two hands shaking the alternating lines and lower strings at the same time. The pow-wow is brought in with a bongo, or possibly beating the guitar body, that pulls tufts from a British Colombia Native plane. Not sure after two pieces you can deliver a finale, but "Mystical War Canoe" can only be describe as so. Adding accordion, distortion, the Gown moan, and snaked out groove that paddles through the storm and briths at the end.

Word in a Gown LP is upcoming. The continuing CC colab has resulted in a split LP with My Cat is an Alien and an upcoming disc on Digitalis Recordings (which I believe is from the performance the above pic was snapped 3/05 in Tulsa). Gown was once in the NW and now is in Easthampton, MA.

Gown - Mystical War Canoe


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