Wednesday, August 17, 2005

turn the lamp on

Lampse is a spankin new Surrey, UK label whose stated m.o. is all about releasing contemporary and experimental music combined with exciting and challenging visual material. As is everyone else's, but Lampse hits it square and then splinters out from there on its first two releases: Marcus Fjellstrom's Exercises In Estrangement and Septs Vents by Nacht Plank.

Fjellstromi is the bee's knees here, as lamp002, a often lone-some, electro-acoustic bottlerocket blaze that stays aloft for quite awhile. Nine compositions of percussion, harp, trumpet, cello and flute that slice Reich's repeat modes and Cage's piano pieces into paper strips and are then laced into a cassette shell and twirled like a conductor's wand. Fjellstromi moves from classical hints (Ligeti) to filmic scores. The opener "Planchette" is punched throughout by a dull metal banging and rotating piano motif that echoes sweetly atop a sustained cello hum before it kicks into almost Branca blast. Fine debut.

Metamatics' Lee Norri steps out for the second time (or fourth, counting two small run CDRs) as Plank. Aqua/black field crumblings fused with static beats at times, blurry tones and distant instrument memories. 3 am would be the right time to sit back with Septs Vents. Seems to be heavy nods toward that 60's vintage from Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (like Milton Babbitt) or Morton Subotnick's Touch (1969).

Looking forward to the next Lampse's.

Marcus Fjellstrom - Lev Poem
Nacht Plank - Vire


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous angryrobot said...

I also really like the label's visual design.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger eric said...

Yeah, I left that out... The CDs are packaged in oversized booklets (no case) and slipped in mini plastic jackets. I think Fjellström's has bits of his score reprinted in gold throughout... Top notch all around.


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