Tuesday, August 16, 2005

wonderful sin

What a bloody, suffocating mass. Heathen Shame's newbie Speed The Parting Guest is an aerodyne; parallel to the solar scorch zeroing in on the globe these days. HS is guitarists Wayne and Kate of Twisted Village/Major Stars, etc. (who got a JFAD hail back in June) and trumpeter Greg Kelley (amplified) flattening landscapes and melting others. Yet there's inscriptions and details left in the torrential wake, minor crevices to peer into, let your finger caught on. Heavy Music is what we have here, gnarled globules dilating until so much light is absorbed only blackness remains.

Back in mid-2002 I booked HS for their "All Head No Bread" tour, with Double Leopards and Hall of Fame. Within minutes of the trio warming up 9/10 of the audience had peeled their selves off the floor and vacated. The building shook, downtown Bloomington bellowed like the Kokomo hum. Speed The Parting Guest is how I remember that night. It's been awhile since I spun their debut self-titled LP, which I felt had more of an electronic hue; blistering Moogs. Though, doesn't really matter what goes on instrument wise (the final spurt "The So-Called 'Arts'" has some drums kicking even) the conclusion is what to focus on. Your money is due solely in exchange for the 29-minute opening title track. Wonderful doom. (Above pic by Bill T. Miller)

Heathen Shame - The So-Called 'Arts'


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