Friday, October 21, 2005

earth sounds

Again, ol' Heath holds down the fort as I go touring across the country and then come back and take a nice two-week readjustment phase.... Mucho gracias, Sirsanrio! Though, I've actually been so wrapped up in the newly updated Ubu Web I haven't been able to get any work done. One new addition on there is the Drums and Nature album by Walter de Maria, originator of earth works movement and one-time Velvet Underground drummer (seemingly around the time of Angus MacLise was in/out of the group). It is a fab, oozing of natural world mixed with the feverish, tribal racket of de Maria that slowly evolve over 40-or-so minutes. Much like his physical work, you need to truly absorb the elements, let it all seep in each pore. I'd picked a CD copy of this up at Fusetron awhile back and have been quite gelled out with it. Recorded in 1964 and 68, respectively, it seems this was mostly a gallery item.

For those out of the de Maria loop, Guggenheim sez: de Maria emerged as a leader of the earthworks movement in 1968 when he filled the Galerie Heiner Friedrich in Munich with dirt. This year, he also made his the mile long drawing in the desert in the Mojave Desert for Walls in the Desert, a project, originally conceived in 1962, which is to consist of two parallel mile-long walls. In 1968, he also participated in Documenta in Kassel. A major exhibition of de Maria's sculpture was held at the Kunstmuseum Basel in 1972. Earthworks and serial geometric sculpture continue to occupy de Maria in the 1970s: his three continent project was completed in 1972 and the Lightning Field in New Mexico was finished in 1977. That same year, de Maria recreated his Earth Room at the Heiner Friedrich Gallery in New York. The artist lives in New York.

Walter de Maria - Cricket Music (1964)
Walter de Maria - Ocean Music (1968)


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