Monday, November 07, 2005

big fun

Like most not living in the upper NY region, Steve Baczkowski was a fresh face when The Dim Bulb -- blast furnace trio disk with Corsano and Flaherty -- dropped unexpectedly earlier this year. In that date, Baczkowski is a fuggin' roar on the baritone sax, he nailed every register from the ships fog horn down to its trolling nets scraping the bedrock. Quite a show down. With that calling card in place, Baczko comes back with his working group Buffalo Suicide Prevention for self-titled debut disk. While fully improvised in the studio, they must have some hand signals going on here, as the group -- Baczkowski (tenor/baritone sax, bass clarinet, bugle), Mike Allard (alto sax), Michael Hermanson (trombone), Leif Ingvar Nicklas (contrabass) and Ravi Padmanabha (drums, percussion) -- switch from bleating skronk to swing in seconds flat on "Without Love We All Feel Sad" and at other points work at a razor edit pace. Allard's sweet tone is fine foil to the blurting bari and trombone. Though I find myself most listening to Nicklas' bowing which colors the pieces with dark turmoil of old Europe --dying villages and fruitless trees. "Sojourn non Troppo" slolwy grows from that vibe as Allard sprinkles some hope on top. Check in with "Revolting Phantoms" for the hyper-aktion the quintet spits out/horns tangled. Word is that Padmanabha and Baczkowski have a tabula/sax duo -- let's hope that will be out next.

Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit - Revolting Phantoms
Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit - Sojourn non Troppo


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