Wednesday, November 09, 2005

leaves + two

A high of 83 is the blowing temp today in the Triangle, NC. Looks like fall; a ton of dying leaves covered my car since last night. So windows are open, cats are sunnin and I pulled out Live at Green Space LP, the 82 duo of Billy Bang (violin, etc.) and Charles Tyler (alto/bari sax, etc.) for a spin. Been heading back to a lot of violin music of late, Leory Jenkins, Ornette, and Michael Samson's live blasts from the Ayler box. And just came across the F'in dazzlin' CD collection Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow!, vintage fiddle music 1927-1935 on Old Hat.

So, Bang/Tyler. Much different action from Tyler's 60s ecstatic thrusts (his '67 ESP Eastern Man Alone features an ol' one-time prof of mine, cellist David Baker) and Bang's late group The Jazz Doctors, a lot of space between the two -- just felt like today. While hitting the second side, I start to hear a underlying buzzin/rhythmic drone beneath the duo on "Viobari" -- what the hell? Fits perfect, ebbing with the final minute of somber tones. Inbetween cuts the buzz keeps on and I see my rowdy, old-time neighbor blowing the leaves from his yard into mine. Best trio work I've heard in the past few months.

Billy Bang & Charles Tyler - Viobari


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