Friday, November 04, 2005

tears from space

Out of a cracked cosmic belly comes bouncin Mike Anderson. What has he been up to since drumming on Lanquidity? Since leaving the Arkestra in the late 70s? No idea. But out now is Zalvi (Tears for Albert Ayler), a one-sided LP on the always fine New World of Sound label, from Alaphabet City - past sides by Fuzzhead, Plague Head and Haino/MazzaCane (despite the nasty mastering fub job) have always deemed for major hat tipping. Word is that Zalvi has been a long-rumored project, six years-plus. So not sure when it was recorded. Either way, glad it has landed. Anderson tears into a free blow out all by himself, all multi-tracked in an Eye and Ear Control sorta implosion. Though amongst the fire breathing horns, lo-fi electronic hums and rounding drum solos is a top-level dark cloud. This was to be the soundtrack to an apocalyptic film, by Anderson, and mid-way through the side he opens the cellar door and The End flys right out. Shit gets dark at the end. Whether it is locusts eating our souls or Ayler gasping for breath in the East River, I don't know.

Mike Anderson - Zalvi (6 min excerpt)


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