Monday, December 05, 2005

by any other name

In a review of By The Fruits You Shall Know the Roots from earlier this year, I wrote of guitarist Jack Rose: Simply said, Jack Rose’s two solo 12-string guitar pieces destroy. The first, “Sundogs” is Rose’s steel slide reverberating steel string/fret into silver spiraled pulse. As offerings to the sun, he slowly casts off shavings that eventually collate your head into a plated cloud that floats off to melting elevations. Otherworldly and mind-gushing as any of the full-band throttles he’s induced with Pelt. “Now That I’m a Man Full Grown” is Rose at finger picking paramount, stretching melodics and harmony through sinuous exploration; the sounds spill out like nature’s call.

Kensington Blues (VHF), his new full-length, expands upon those two pieces into what is undoubtedly Rose's blinding apex into string music and jass. Not to say he won't lick n' leap-frog ahead in a year or so, but for now, frozen in time, this disk (or high-price, yet damn-right worth it LP on Tequila Sunrise) is worth its weight in Mexico's finest. The ragtime melodies Rose spirals out of his fingers would work marvels as an all day soundtrack to windmill watching, cause 20 minutes in you'd be seeing triple-time. As I'll jabber on later this week of the drop-drool goods in the Fonotone box set -- Rose is torn from the same burlap bags as those old-timers or the alley mass of garbled, brain birth sipped (and stirred) by the likes of Alan Bishop.

Lots o' info on Rose and his tone-dream group Pelt at Klang Industries. Should get writtin' on their new dbl album as well...

Jack Rose - Kensington Blues


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