Wednesday, December 14, 2005

low tides rolling in

Here's a disk that's been collecting dust since it came in, Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget's Low Tide Digitals II – one of the few non-Norwegian releases from Rune Grammofon. Guitarist Archetti is a new name to me. Outside of his group Tiere Der Nacht with Guru Guru percussionist Mani Neumeier, it seems he is now in the modern-day Guru Guru – fancy that. Now, cellist Wiget has been a peripheral favorite since hearing his Elk (Sadke) composition many years back ('98 maybe?) and the awesome Corpus Hermeticum CD Spazieren/Hokou/Periodic Drift with Taku Sugimoto and Tetuzi Akiyama. Twice this week we've bridged the Norway/NZ connections with the above mentioned labels – time seems ripe for a nice HCorp revue.

So, I didn't hear the first volume from these two but have a feeling that II flows in a similar, misty/ambient vibe. While Wiget's Elk had a leaning maximist approach, the methods used for its construction seem similar to what is happening here. Both employ electronics atop their chamber-esque dueling which is steeped in the ol' style of Euro blare though aware of the dividend payoffs in abstract/minute gesutres. Wiget's bow-birthed drones consistently match up with the blips and speaker cone tears amassed atop – when he is doing another solo album? The art/sound installation work of Archetti seems to play in heavily with the manipulations happening on each track; hearing this pipped down from a white wall gallery wouldn't seem out of palce. This is perfect at low, under the breath volume or cranked up to accentuate the digital dust that is kicked up along the way.

Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget - stück 12
Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget - stück 19


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