Monday, December 19, 2005

tea for two

Since Charlambides parted ways from Texas, Tom Carter has let loose with a string o' fantasimo collbas with Marcia Bassett (in name and as Zaika), Shawn McMiller (whose Colors disk could stand a heap more exposure), Bardo Pond, Badgerlore, and now, with long-time San Francisco art abstractor Robert Horton. Their debut-as-duo Lunar Eclipse (Important Records) holds true to the title, but instead of eloquent, silk drones there are fantastic clangs, metallic barks, and crumbled electronic mash-ups. Sounds more like the moon dragging against the sun's underbelly with white flashes reconfiguring your eye/hear/head sight. The familiar sustained/tonal constant of Carter backdrops for Horton's self-made constructs that spit and rumble from deep in the solar core. Though Carter runs straight down with his lap steel, bits of his For Four Cs peek out as do new telescopic dimensions.

Label wordage on the disk: Lunar Eclipse was culled from over 30 hours of recordings taking place, inadvertently, on the equinox, lunar eclipse and winter solstice of 2004 .The duo of Carter and Horton sound as if they are channeling the natural power of these significant calender days into the music. They both noticed something special was happening during the initial recording session when they looked at a clock and realised that they'd been playing for over 5 hours.

Giving Horton a solo listen is a must. Washed Out Headspace on 267 Lattajjaa is a dense, confounding slab of molasses drone. With Wes McIntosh on sax, the two cast heavy lids, but underneath are millions of worker ants feeding those machines.

Tom Carter & Robert Horton Duo - Hunter's Moon
Tom Carter & Robert Horton Duo - Glimmers


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