Thursday, December 29, 2005

a vibrating world

For the past two weeks I've been attempting to thaw out the new Alvin Lucier dbl album, which is performed by Anthony Burr and Charles Curtis. Half of the pieces are made up of strings and a wave oscillator and the finale is called Music for Cello with One or More Amplified Vases. This will get a proper jfad write up later, but wanted to mention it now as I've been having quite an easier time digesting Toshiya Tsunoda's Ridge Of Undulation (Hapna) despite it following in close casting. For ten years now, Tsunoda has been creating sublime field recordings that are focused on specific, granular pricks of sound, sorta like taking a foggy zoom lens and scoping out damp leaves that clog your gutters. I first heard him on RLW's massive 5CD Tulpas set on Selektion (when is this going to be reissued?) and sine then he has retained a personal/low-fi or just pure earth quality to his work. The three field recordings on Ridge are akin to his recent Scenery of Decalcomania (Nature Strip), despite being culled from 8 year old tapes. The introduction of sine waves and vibrating surfaces ads quite a hunk of depth to these mini-worlds. The only downfall is that they are not longer; each piece could unravel for another 20 or 30 minutes and still expose itself in new ways.

Toshiya Tsunoda - Sine Waves Mixed With The Sound Of A Vibrating Surface_1
Toshiya Tsunoda - Arrival, Kisarazu bay_11 Dec 97


At 12:13 PM, Blogger 11V said...

I thought Tsunoda's name was familiar, I came across him on a Naturestrip compilation and loved his contribution, playful and very aware of the dramatic potential of subtle activity. Review here.


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