Wednesday, January 25, 2006

back home in warn's head

His Name is Alive is back, though of course, Warn Defever & co. were never gone. Since 2002's final album for 4AD, Last Night, HNIA have issued a few pounds of wares on Time Stereo and the art edition LP UFO Catcher. Fugg! Then there was that mountain/sunshine storm called The Cloud Box, 10 CDRs from free jazz jams to earth tone Blithe Sons-esque outdoor folk prayers. Currently Cloud Pop, a single disk summary of the box, is up for free download on the HNIA web home.

So today we are at Detrola the new mass-available CD on the just birthed label (Silver Mountain) and it is an almost non-stop beat-heavy burn with ultra-fine soul swagger from vocalist Andy FM. Though it touches on the vast stitch-work Defever has weaved throughout his past show, overall the album is quite synth-slick yet superimposed with torch folk and rambled pop outbreaks. He can't shake that Beach Boys-melody or the the grime of noise and static. Detrola is a day dream with oft nightmare visions. Overall, there is the feeling of sun staring, squinting enough to let the light bleed in but knowing when you open wide it will all be there or at least FM's voice calling from above.

HNIA - I Thought I Saw Detrola
HNIA - Brown Rice-II Cloud Pop
HNIA - Free Concert Cloud Pop


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous angryrobot said...

I'm really looking forward to getting this in the mail in the next day so and then seeing them at SXSW. I've been a big fan since the fist 4AD album. I did notice the artwork was made to look very v23, even though Time Stereo did the design.


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