Friday, January 27, 2006

the family that sings together...

Everyone is freakin' the folk out! Heath and I can't walk across our college towns without an itchy dog and scratchy owner strumming' away. There is some fine creeps out there, but still for my time, the sweet spot of psychedelic folk comes from, ironically, the true freaks of the flock, The Family. When Charlie Manson was on trial in 1970 his "family" recorded an album in hopes of selling it to fatten his defense fund, called The Family Jams. Steve "Clem" Grogan pictured here takes lead on the songs. Oddly, I feel that these carry the same distanced, decayed beauty of David Jackman's Organum or even some of the Pentangle flourish.

A review from AK Press says: In 1970, some close friends of Charles Manson recorded his collection of lost "desert music" as the ultimate statement of friendship and faith during his trial. The definitive release of this classic acid folk-rock session (with vastly improved sound over previous bootlegs) has Steve Grogan (Clem) on vocals and guitar and some ultra-ethereal female vocals. The two-CD set includes an hour of never heard songs and radical alternate takes. The 36-page full-color booklet contains rare psychedelic embroidery, unpublished photos, and texts by Manson, Lynette Fromme, and Sandra Good.

Best to be played when the sun is steaking through the windows and those pesky dust mites are floating free.

The Family Jams - First They Made Me Sleep In The Closet/I'm Scratchin' Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone
The Family Jams - I'll Never Say Never To Always
The Family Jams - The Fires Are Burning


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Upside Of Down

Great post man. That is a a really crazy record.



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