Tuesday, February 14, 2006

solo beats

Thomas Strønen's debut solo album Pohlitz ( Rune Grammofon) is quite as dandy as I hoped it'd be. On the inner sleeve "recorded with no overdubs or pre-programming" is the first liner as to answer the question right off. Cause, Strønen ping/pongs from skeletal Reich percussive patterns to the more illuminated electro-acoustic mirages that Glenn Kotche's own solo albums hinted at, even Cage's prepared pianos seem to errupt throughtout. The tid-bit that this is all live, adds deeply to Strønen sense of composition and ability to keep these pieces evolving, almost unraveling at time, while adding a considerable melodic hue to all of the pieces. He clearly shaves his own path as you hear the reverberations from his other groups Food and Humcrush but comes off still as solo Strønen.

Thomas Strønen - Ingenious Pursuits


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