Wednesday, March 22, 2006

bass is the place

First time I saw Mike Bullock in dee flesh, there were about 9 of us crouching in a dripping-walled record store. There was a storage room in back where Bullock was getting ready, we thought, but he started to rattle his wooden haul behind the door. After a few minutes he spring out, poised the bass and struck and bent the strings into even/odd coaxing and banishing. There were implosions, lighting and mauled moans from the belly. Possibly his performance was a few hairs on either side of 8 minutes -- or so it seems years later.

At that time, Bullock had already issued Object (Tautology), a large-group recording under the name Fetish and a ghastly, meaty jewel which you oughta seek out; and The Idea of Northeast, a split LP with Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot. As a "solo bass" recording Bullock broke it down to iced-feedback tones and starting mapping his way to Initial, a beautiful bastard of performance and his second solo CD. A constant favorite of mine, the recording is split between the bass and crowd noise bleeding Bullock until he nearly vanishes as musician/bassist, only to strike back. You'll find it to be a stunner, if you got patience, class and balls enough to take it on.

So anywhere, Mike is now offering his recent 3" CDR This Will Cheer You Up, orig. on Kissy Records, as a "reissue download" on his Chloe imprint -- what the hell does that really mean? It is free and a nice 101 to those without the 411 on out pal.

Here is the run down: Released last year on the Kissy Records imprint as a 3" CD-R. This will cheer you up finds its origins in live recordings made as part of a solos tour with trumpeter Greg Kelley. The venerable institution of the improvised bass solo gets pulled to pieces and rebuilt after being submerged in clouds. Jumps instantly between fragility and ferocity. Download it all here (with artwork and more) or dip in below...

Mike Bullock - Columbus Cheer


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