Friday, March 17, 2006

on the crozz

In the past month Inzane Podcast has been filling out my speakers at the homestead. Headed up by the Dead Machines themselves, Tovah O'Rourke and John Olson, it brings back those ear-to-the-radio late nights of early teen years listening to Sunday night's Gridlox on WOXY Oxford, Ohio. First episode has the two hitting a bottle of wine and running through a pile of private press Christian LPs they've been hoarding and a few picked up after breakfast and before this was taped. They spin songs by the likes of Rebirth (a 1970 recording from the Virgina group called "Into the Light"). Olson calls the IHS Band "pretty crude, junk style, Christian stoner type" music, and their track "Answer" (on Big Willie Music, Beaverton, MI) does seem steeped in the sunshine of Virgin Insanity or even the VU. Nice. Also here is The Shades of 70s ("totally echo hell"). Though I most dug the two Linda Rich tracks, "Sunlight Shadow" and "Fangs." The later having the great line, kids taking LSD to find reality, they never find, never find, nevermid. Broadcast ends with Las Vegas, NM's Guitar Ensemble, with is 12 members?!? Who the hell knows. Nice way to spend 27 minutes and ponder the great white light. The Manson Jams could've passed for some of these groops and vice-a-versa. Other 'casts are up, such as jaunts into the loner folk vibe or Olson and Aaron Dilloway playing synth records.

Inzane Podcast - Xtian Private Viny


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