Tuesday, March 28, 2006

porest truth

Four years ago, I might've turned the shades a few notches and lowered the volume on Tourrorists instead of now wanting to slip it in the CD-juke at the local VFW. 'Cause even that cast is gonna laugh it up like this is Bob n' Tom AM or Sinatra. Scaly eyes are now open and from Sun City Girls' orbit of global truth-in-voodoo, comes the new Porest missive. Out on SCG's Abduction, Tourrorists is like the final exam, or post-study party, for those who've been mind banging on the Sublime Frequencies audio passports and Fox News. For those with keen sense, Mark Gergis (aka Porest) assembled SF's I Remember Syria and Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq. Prior to that he was in collage/cut-ups Mono Pause.

All the administration, flag-wavin', nation saving ideas that've been pumped across that states are crinkle like oven-baked cellophane. Gergis stitches field-recordings with skits, computer-voiced Jihad proclamations and a disruptive yet solidifying pop element. He'd could've just flipped that satellite TV dial like Russian roulette and recorded the chance-happenings, but opted for some right-on, subtle movements and juxtapose. Let's Roll!

Let's Roll
Pentagonal Parlor


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