Saturday, March 11, 2006

who wears gloves?

Julie Mittens is my favorite brain-bake, power surge band right now, at least for the rest of summer -- and the months have not even begun to sweat yet. Though it is 80 here in the Carolinas... Didn't know much about Mittens until hearing this new live document Recorded June 20 2005, their third self-released CD-R since 2002, and I've since been knocked down. Guitarist Apart-Jan Schakenbos, bassist Michel van Dam and drummer Leo Fabriek seem to be a burnt lightening aura coming from the combo-axis of Coltrane's fire and Fushitsusha's blatant fullness.

From what I wrote at Dusted:

Over six unnamed pieces Schakenbos alternates between jagged, sprawled out swaths of comet-tailed feedback and dissonant, yet sparsely articulate blues notes. While his tone cuts through Fabriek and van Dam’s syncopated rhythm/nonrhythm duality, his axe is not perched in the lead role. All three are prominent, core pieces to the vision, like the fist-pumping free jazz of Last Exit or Poly Breath Percussion Band. What take Julie Mittens even further out is their adaptation of the levitation, bliss qualities of Blue Humans or Dead C. Throughout the set, van Dam’s bass tugs at the ear to give full attention to his weave and bob low-end. On the third piece, he grooves relentlessly, almost in mode of Jimmy Garrison’s intro to “Crescent” from Coltrane’s Live in Japan, without care to the skree bubbling around him. It is an exhilarating center to the outer sheath of shattering feedback and drum rolls.

Julie Mittens - Untitled Pt. 4


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