Tuesday, April 11, 2006

lunar moos

Past few weeks I've been locked up inside The Bummer Road, the new lunar jamboree band of MV & EE and etc. While I'm sure there are a few more titles out, We Offer You Guru and Suncatcher Mountain have been my two windows. With the mighty flux of Tower Recordings and the MV (solo) & EE (duo) missives, I wasn't expecting that much of a variation on their time-warp blues and always perfect sky-coloring use of autoharp. But after a few hundred digital rotations, those thoughts were like an elephant gun to the foot (or hoof in the mouth), cuz Bummer Road careens around some deftly, overgrown and enchanted forests that I've never been too. The road has forked again we're all on a new adventure here. With Mo’ Jiggs lathering up some south-field mouth harp, the rest of the crew (Samara Lubelski is on violin at times) somehow opens a few bottles of night-time/morning dew ooze and feeds it through some tube-amps and lets is simmer until all is burned off. That has got to be MV on the yayli tambur and dov bantar and EE on the swarsangam, voice and percussion.

In celebration of a the new Bummer 2LP Mother of Thousands on Time-Lag the 'Road and Jigs got together his past week at Mass' Montague Bookmill for a heavy leaf performance sponsored by he Autonomous Battleship Collective and Mandragora. Not only did they organized the show, but but they've set up streaming stereophonic MP3s of the entire night:

MV/EE & the Bummer Road - First Set (acoustic)
Willie Lane solo - Second Set
MV/EE & the Bummer Road - Third Set (electric)


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new record seems nowhere available, i keep on looking for the tracks, thanks for the stream.

i love the set and have a nice time


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