Monday, May 29, 2006

can i get some bohrium on my goat?

Damn, Heath and I hit some harsh spring hibernation, so deep, we didn't even know where the other was buried. Thanks for the emails and comments as to our health and whereabouts. I'm gonna be movin back to Hoosier lands in the next week, so I'll keep a closer eye on the JFAD infrastructure. While we have been out about four weeks it's not the same spell as the Table of the Elements vacancy in their every-couple-a-year festival presentation. It has been ages since the Yttrium festival, and it looks like a multi-set CD and DVD will be out this year so most of y'all can get a heap and feel for what you missed in 1996.

So, Bohrium, the fourth TOTE festival, is set for August 31 - September 4, 2006, Labor Day Weekend for the 9-5ers, at Atlanta, GA's Eyedrum. The five days seem to be named after Angus MacLise's calendar system or at least a homage to (day 1 is Sea Changes and Coelacanths, day 4 is Propellers in Love). There is a lotta heavy action spread across the five days, from a John Fahey/Elizabeth Cotten video to our Louisville bud Keenan Lawler to Jack Smith and Tony Conrad films, Rhys Chatham's Guitar Army, Leif Inge's "9 Beet Stretch" for 24 hours, Loren Connors, San Agustin and a giant roasted goat(!!). And that is just part of what is being touted out now. The TOTE crew will likely be holding some major diamonds close to the chest until we all get down there.... Yeah, really great to see Mr. Lawler on this bill. If you haven't heard his two LPs with Pelt -- Keyhole I and II go dig through the back crates at your record stop, cause they are probably in there. Both were recorded in deep, vibrating chambers of grain silos and metal galleries and are near my tops for each of their respected discogs.

Keenan Lawler - Fork in GA
Rhys Chatham - Guitar Trio (edit)
Loren Connors - Departing of a Dream Vol. II, pt. 2
San Agustin - Fall Line Highway


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