Thursday, June 22, 2006

home unspeakable

So where the hell has Heath been since I tried to kick the come back last month? I know where I've been: moving from the Carolinas back to Hooiserville, all the prep work, post work and procrastination takes a toll. And I'm here now, with most of the boxes emptied and sent out to the recycler. Don't call it a comeback, but lets hope it is. All of the records/CDrs that have been moved from state-to-state that have yet to get splayed out for you all is quite criminal. Time to let it all flow...

Right before I moved I cashed out my credit at the great CD Alley in Chapel Hill, and amongst the box sets I piled up, I found a fresh copy of Blowhole's 1995 LP, Gathering. Four bones, I think. It was packed up when I got it home, and have yet to listen. Nonetheless, right after the Internet went up at the new house, I heard that Jeph Jerman had posted a new MP3 at his web site -- for those scratching heads, he was in Blowhole. Entitled "Neighborhood and Porch Chimes," Jerman writes that it is "... a recording of my new neighborhood, filtered through a cheap mic, battery powered amp and baby monitors. enjoy."

For the past twenty years Jerman has not only created, but brought forth the idea of stoping, listening and letting yourself be overcome with what is happening around you. I first knowingly came upon his work, under the name Hands To, on the Egress which was "a song cycle comprising short songs played entirely on the remains of dead cactus found in the Sonoran desert outside Tucson, Arizona." I picked up the LP for the similarities of design (white sleeve, glued on photo) to Loren Mazzacane records. I haven't played it in years, but it is a favorite.

From his website, Jerman writes: the idea called music is not separate from "sound in general", yet we have made it so by devising rules by which music may be ascertained or known. music is in the listening, and this is what i am about.

all sound is the same, namely a vibration, and our minds have separated one set of vibrations from the general over-all vibration and labeled it. music is therefore, a judgement.

The piece below is about 36 minutes, and it is great breeze to drift off to. Shut things down and let it flow...

Jeph Jerman - Neighborhood and Porch Chimes (34.6 MB)


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