Thursday, August 03, 2006

bag o' kaiser

Just got around to viewing Grizzly Man this past week and had forgotten, until the credits rolled by, Henry Kaiser wrote/organized the score along with Richard Thompson. The pieces projected an achingly bright North American outdoors vibe sorta absorbing the thematic gestures of National Geographic nature films with subdued backwoods country. Been awhile since I'd listened to any Kaiser at all. Despite years of blasting the John Oswald duo Improvised and With Friends Like These (a blue-print for six-string rethinking with Fred Frith). Surely it's just a tick in my head, but Kaiser continually falls to the back of the brain; he just never leaps forward. Clearly my issue. Though whenever I spin Outside Pleasure with its static waves and chordal obliteration, it feels right-on, especially the 4th side's precision group rock movements.

Immediately after this, I noticed that Bagatellen had Kaiser and bassist Damon Smith (also heard on the GM sndtk) posted for their monthly Listen feature. "Six Of Two" is wonderfully short vibration of strings and gnarled tree bark. All manners of slapping and flaking away.

Henry Kaiser & Damon Smith - Six Of Two


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