Monday, August 14, 2006

color coded

Been riding the third rail on Brooklyn’s, via SE Michigan, Awesome Color these past few weeks cause it offers up a conundrum I’m trying to shake: blitzing from the birth canal of The Ashton Bros. is noble, and yours truly is clearly guilty to a degree on it, but completely bellowing from their muscle-taught R&B/skronk just seems to damn green. Each time this CD spins I wanna stop it at the first bit “Grown.” And if so, tis a shame to miss out on “Free Man,” a fine jam for this quickly fading summer epoch that these three – Allison Busch, Derek Stanton, Michael Troutman -- are diggin in. But back to “Grown” – it just feels like the rabbit ear antenna’s to “TV Eye” – just a fub for first track. The southern’ harmonica drawl and full horn/synth on the rest wipes that away. The guest sax splatter from Wade Kergan and Busch’s minor drum fills throughout “Hat Energy” continual bang and propel forward and give hint to a surely doubly frantic stage set. Though AC’s high energy finds equilibrium in their slo-plow blues drawl that Stanton serves as if emptying a ginormous metal cotton-candy round. His continual spooling of notes (and shard coarse vox) fester into a circular whirl that shoots right down a day-glow drain. Think I’m set to dive with now...

Awesome Color - Grown
The Stooges - TV Eye (Take 5)


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