Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A traumatic Allan Kaprow astral projection would be tumbling out of oak trees and hurling folding chairs with Hepatitis (B) Youth. The loosely rooted Bloomington collective have issued Day Tour 2005 DVD, a complete 30-minute document of one day small town upheaval. Performances are spontaneous of the crew -- 3/8 or so being Justin Clifford Rhody, Carlos Gonzalez, and Bridget -- rolling outta small sedans and setting up jack-rabbit style at Kroger, rooftop car garages, Chocolate Mouse ice cream shoppe, TD’s tiny two aisle record store, and other spots. Gonzalez strong arms a snow shovel to dig loose the start of each blast of one-to-two minutes which flips from near-melodiously, restrained tinkerings and blunt gnarled hacking. Carries the same confusion as Hurray’s recent LP, which I need to write up here.

I’ve seen the Hep – B, C and D versions -- and always feared getting bashed up over a good listen. The DVD, filmed by Jeremy Hogan allows for safe, at home absorption and is framed with some great before/after locations shots. Hogan’s minimal movement/zoom approach evens out with HepC’s constant movement. I’ve boiled down two parts of the DVD down to audio spots. Check it.

Hepatitis (B) Youth - Live Kroger Loading Dock
Hepatitis (B) Youth - Live Atop Car Garage


At 9:44 AM, Blogger ShardsOfBeauty said...

awesome! I lived in B-ton in the 80's and did stuff like this sometimes with a band called Sine Nomine. Good work here! Check out my blog, lots of cassette culture stuff...


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