Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the nz backstroke

Super find yesterday (in the $1.99 rack of the local record mart) of a favorite loaned out some time ago and never returned home: Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie's At Swim 2 Birds. Recorded nearly 20 years ago overlooking the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, NZ, I find this as Jefferies most deeply moving gestures alongside The Last Great Chance in A Dull World. Sharply stark and open to bouts of sun rays and deep thunk movements (earth or mind), the two pass through violin, piano, guitar, drums, and tape splicing. Each piece seems fragmented and adjoined with and translucent orbs hovering between the notes. The incompleteness of this album is what makes it such a soul heavy listen. Another instrument or melody would sink each piece. As in all of Jefferies work, except eh... Two Foot Flame, the role of absence leads over his instrument choice and even lyrics at times. This ability lets him create such staggering instrumental albums... Drunken Fish reissued this version CD proper back in '97 after two previous tiny pressings LPs by Flying Nun ('87) and Xpressway ('89). Well worth the $1.99, though if anyone wants to part with an LP, ring me.

Peter Jeffereies & Jono Lonie - At Swim 2 Birds
Peter Jeffereies & Jono Lonie - Piano (One)


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