Sunday, October 24, 2004

puttin on the lips

oh my gawsh- who's a thunk that ashlee simpson is a fake!?

apparently she was scheduled on saturday night live last night and totally botched her second song... she would like to blame her band for playing the wrong song... but more likely is that SNL "accidentally" played the wrong lip sync track. whoopsie! more info from :

Ashlee's latest performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night went horribly wrong!

Her first performance, 'Pieces of Me', went great and Ashlee was poised to rock the audience with 'Autobiography' when strange things happened!

First off there was a recording playing what sounded like the version of 'Pieces of Me' she did earlier and then the band started playing along. Ashlee danced around a bit obviously confused and then she ended up walking off the stage without singing a single note!!!

The band then continued playing 'Pieces of Me' for about a minute, without Ashlee who had left the stage, when the Saturday Night Live cameras cut away and the show went to a commercial!! How sad for Ashlee. I felt so sorry for her as a HUGE Ashlee fan.

The 'Pieces of Me' background track that played at the start of what was supposed to be 'Autobiography' could have been a mistake on SNL's part. They sometimes insist on having a background track playing and may have played the wrong one. But still.. (For further ranting check out the blog in a few hours.)

As the show ended Ashlee said, "I feel so bad, my band started playing the wrong song. I'm sorry. These things happen."  I think that Ashlee blamed her band when they weren't at fault and I'll be interested to hear the "official" explanation.

A video of the proceedings, with apology
or try this link
or this one...

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