Friday, April 22, 2005

nomads for love

Gang Gang Dance are yet another in the long line of freaks coming out of NYC these days. And not unlike their peers, they are difficult to pigeonhole. Sonically they come off as kind of an improvised jam of SWANS during the Soundtracks for the Blind era. At times highly structured and at others completely free and open. One moment has you in a percussion loop thats nearly gamelan and the next has a slow drone burning your cortex to blindness. Dubbed out vocals over broken glass, or are the vox the broken glass? Everything in this world is a trip like you've not yet experienced. As soon as you think the sound is familiar it is gone.

GGD's music has been perfected over years of practices and improvisations where everything is recorded at their own Junkyard Audio Salvage studio. The best becomes their releases. Their first was a limited edition CDR that got reissued as 1000 LPs that quickly disappeared from the shelves. Their new album, God's Money was just released on The Social Registry along with a tour only limited CDR.

Anyone familiar to the world of improvisation knows that not everything works all the time, but thats natural. And most of the time GGD has used the CDR as a quick method of distribution for what they are doing and creating at the time. This is great for this type of music because the listeners expectations are lowered to where you aren't expecting a perfect document, but rather a recording of a place and time. The release of a their new album smashes these ideals, but what they have created demands and deserves the greater appreciation of something beyond the world of total underground.

Gang Gang Dance - Egowar
Gang Gang Dance - God's Money V
Gang Gang Dance - Nomad of Love (Cannibal)


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