Thursday, December 18, 2003

today's wonderful idea that has already been done:

prepaid phonesex cards

believe it or not, I do not frequent adult boutiques that much. so perhaps I should have already known this. but in this festive time of the year its a perfect idea. we often give and receive gift certificates. parents give their children phone cards so that they will actually call home. all we really want is to get laid, or at least some dirty talk, and dammit why won't AT&T allow me to use my minutes for someone sultry to talk to? the pornography business makes a ton of money. its a great sorta gag / bachelor party / graduation / type gift.

although, its very much a gateway drug, too. the first hit is free, but then like lottery tickets- you get more. you want more phonesex! or maybe not. I am not suggesting I want this for christmas.


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