Monday, October 25, 2004

bloc party blog party

yea yea every other band has the same post-punk influences these days. but I eat the stuff up. and Bloc Party actually sounds good. they have a new single called Helicopter out in the UK on Wichita Recordings. There is a video for it, too. here is a review from Drowned in Sound:

Hip gunslingers Bloc Party follow potential single(s) of the year (parts I and II) with a horizon-blazing, saddle-slashing blast from their debut album.

It sounds like… cowboys. Why cowboys? Why not? The shirts and boots are as hot right now as the BP boys who’re currently blowing up in all the cool corners of America and the ICE COLD chambers of Europe.

‘Helicopter’ is a rally cry, a call to arms against all those accepting fools sitting still. They’re shootin’ doubters at dawn and having breakfast with Scandinavian beauties. Sounding like yet more guitars tumbling into space. Fresh and inventive. Alsorts’a buzzing, vocal ghosts swooping and topped with big dollops of horse chase bass. Those oft’ off key, perfection back-tracking, backing vocals are cased in fuzz.
Are you happy for a new world?

Get your nodding dog head on, burn your MSP cds, discard your pretender-hipster yankie fad bands, and take this, and party. Yeehaw!

Its getting better with every play, and there is a great b-side remix of Tulips, too (purchase/download it here: War Child Music). people say the singer sounds like Robert Smith (!?) but I think he sounds more like Luke Sutherland.

Bloc Party - Helicopter
Bloc Party - Helicopter (Video)
Bloc Party - Little Thoughts (Video)

Buy and pre-order their upcoming album here


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Hi Heath,
Must be something in the air.

Nice post, think these guys are going to be pretty big.
I don't really get the Robert Smith thing either?????



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