Thursday, December 23, 2004

johnny cash christmas

There is nothing more appropriate for the holiday season than a little bit of ole JC. That's Johnny Cash, not Jesus Christ, but really, there isn't much difference, he has the voice of God, right? In 1972 JC decided to record an album of his whole extended family and friends. June Carter, Carl Perkins, Tommy Cash, the Carter Family, the Tennessee Three and the Statler Brothers all joined in on this project. Larry Butler produced and offered a piano instrumental as well. Between every song Johnny and various family members offer seasonal anecdotes about their Christmas memories from childhood and beyond. The songs are both traditional and original tunes. When listening to this LP you get a real sense of family- as if everybody's is sitting around on couches, chairs, the floor- in front of the fireplace. Sharing an eggnog and thinking of yesteryear. Each person takes a turn telling a story and singing a song. The album isn't great, but its a fun document. Enjoy these memories as you begin the holiday time with your own family.

Johnny Cash - Merry Christmas Mary
Johnny Cash - Christmas As I Knew It
Entire Cash Family - Silent Night


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