Monday, December 13, 2004

no-wave christmas pt 3: Three Courgettes

To catch up on what exactly is going on, read this post first. A summary: Ze Records, 1981, no-wave and mutant disco, christmas.

The third track on the holiday compilation was from the Three Courgettes. Here is a website about what main woman Barb Jungr is doing these days.

She's called 'Britain's answer to Juliette Greco and Serge Gainsbourg', 'A British Piaf', 'legendary' and 'a cult'. The leading singer and song stylist of cabaret and chansons in Britain and a driving force of contemporary European cabaret in the world, Barb Jungr has a unique recording and performance history.

Born in Rochdale in the northwest of England to Czech and German parents she sang in folk clubs at school, jazz and blues bands at college, in theatre in London and began recording for CBS records in the late 1970πs with a 'single of the week - almost' in the NME. Forming the Three Courgettes she toured with Kid Creole and appeared on the original alternative cabaret circuit in the UK.

She formed The Three Courgettes (Island Records) with Michael Parker and Jerry Kreeger, and busked new wave versions of gospel classics in the Kings Road and Portobello Market in the late 1970's, where the band were discovered by Island Records, subsequently touring with Kid Creole and the Coconuts and all manner of other acts (Sade, Mari Wilson, The Jets and many comedians). The Three Courgettes recorded a special Christmas track for Michael Zilkha's "Ze Christmas Album". After the Courgettes parted she recorded for Magnet Records and released an album.

3. Three Courgettes - Christmas is Coming

Buy Barb's most recent album


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